Welcome to Atarian Limited

Welcome to Atarian Limited

Atarian – IT Power without the Price…

At Atarian Limited, we specialize in outsourcing IT support/operations solution to cater to all your business needs. From business process consulting to big data analysis, we provide a diverse range of services covering the complete technology spectrum. With our customer-centric approach and innovative business solutions, we drive business performance and help you achieve your organisational goals.

Affordable and Innovative Business Solutions through the Latest Technology

We offer client /server development, upgrade, and support services for highly affordable prices. Our IT consultancy, sourcing, infrastructure design, and installation services have helped improve the efficiency of many large and small organisations. Working with customers from a variety of industries, we serve as your technology partners that not only offer you a reliable platform for your information systems, but also give you a competitive edge that helps you increase your market share.

Automated and Intelligent Business Process Management

While most organisations have automated business processes, not many know how to utilise the power of technology to grow their business. With the help of data management solutions and big data analysis, we turn data management into knowledge management.

Through our services, you will be able to use your data to identify your strengths and weaknesses and compare them with those of your competitors. Our customised information systems also enable you to study market trends and consumer behaviour, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Enhanced and Reliable Security

Whether you are using our cloud computing services or on-premises storage solutions, we ensure the protection of your data through a multilayered security system. Using physical firewalls, SSL encryption, and antivirus software, we keep your data from falling in the wrong hands.