Ever since our inception in 2010, we have worked with over 50 industries and their various subsectors. We do not believe in the one-solution-fits-all approach, and create scalable, custom solutions for each customer. Some of the industries we frequently cater to include:


Banking and Finance

When it comes to the banking industry, we have created

  • ERPs to improve core processes related to data analysis and decision making
  • CRMs to improve customer relations
  • Portals to improve payment and transaction services
  • On-premises data storage and security solution


Having worked with a number of healthcare service providers including private practitioners and hospitals, we have created:

  • Patient Health Record Management Systems
  • Integration solutions from transfer of patient data from old to new systems
  • Online systems for empowering patient-doctor communication

Media and Entertainment With the help of our skilled resources and endless commitment to customer service, we have
created custom solutions for several organisations in the media and entertainment industry. The services we have offered to this sector so far include:

  • IT infrastructure design and implementation for a recording studio
  • Video editing software with custom features
  • Cloud storage solutions with internet security
  • Picture Management and IT Internet Security
  • Content Management Systems (stories, drafts & videos)

Other Industries
We also work with organisations from education, retail, transportation, and government sectors. With the help of thorough research and technological expertise, we create solutions that work for each customer. If you are in need of a custom IT solution, let us know what you need and leave the rest to us.